A holiday in St Ives

St Ives is a seaside town in Cornwall. It is a popular destination for tourists and is said to have a Mediterranean feel, with holiday makers likening it to holidays abroad.

Historically St Ives thrived on its fishing industry, but as this declines it area was more popular for its holiday resorts and fantastic beaches.

Driving through St Ives is restricted for much of the summer months meaning you can only enter at certain times. The streets are very narrow and parking is limited but you can chose to jump abroad the park and ride where you can park your car all day for £10.50 for a car of up to 4 people.

Being located in the south east of England, the weather is often quite nice compared to the rest of the UK as St Ives is closer to the equator but having said that it is still in Britain so there really is no guarantee with the weather.

Holiday prices

With the UK voting to leave the European Union, there is a lot of talk about a rise in prices for holidays to Europe for us Brits. At present no one knows exactly how the leave vote will affect finances but if holiday prices do go up, I personally do not think it will go up enough to stop people being able to go away. If prices do soar, it will mean that more of us will have to holiday within Britain which will bring more money in to the UK rather than us spending it in the EU.

If you have a holiday booked, then check to see if your price is fixed at the amount you bought it at or if it can go up over time until it is paid off. Always make sure that you do not scrimp on things such as travel insurance as you could find yourself in a very difficult situation should you require emergency medical care.

Cruise holidays

If you are looking for a holiday with a difference this year, then you may want to consider a cruise holiday. Some people think that they would not like being on a boat for such a long period of time, but it is totally different from being on a ferry for a few hours. Usually the ships that are used for cruises are extremely large, meaning that you feel less of the movement from the sea. This can often be enough to stop you getting sea sick.

Also most cruise trips stop off most days at different ports to allow you time to get off the ship and explore. With the wide range of entertainment available on a cruise ship, such as singers, dancers and comedians, means you will certainly not be bored. Most of them have an outdoor swimming pool which can be enjoyed throughout the day and in to the evening.

You don’t have to travel far to see beautiful sights

If you are looking for a picturesque holiday in the UK then you are really spoilt for choice. The UK has hundreds of little spots, many of which are still not visited on a regular basis that create the perfect setting for a family holiday and often these holidays do not cost the earth.

These places are often stumbled upon by accident, but it is worth doing some research before booking your holiday location. The Cotswolds is a popular choice for a picturesque holiday but it can be expensive, venture a little further out and there is still some beautiful choices of accommodation and surrounds but for a fraction of the price.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so it may be that different people class different area as beautiful, but if you spend a little time sight seeing when on holiday you will be sure of discovering some hidden gems.


Last minute holiday planning

If you are looking to go on a last minute holiday or maybe you haven’t considered it up until the moment you saw it advertised in the shop window, then there is still a certain amount of planning you will need to do.

Firstly ensure that everyone that wants to travel has a valid passport as this can delay you being able to fly. Also find out what immunisations you will require and at what stages. Many immunisation courses have to start 6 weeks prior to flying.

Make plans to have time off work, places for your pets to stay whilst away and ensuring that your home will be secure when left empty. All of these items are essential to ensuring you have a relaxing and stress free holiday.

Spend some time researching the area you are going to, find local attractions, restaurants and bars that you may wish to visit when you are there and be sure to check up on any laws that may affect you when in another country.