Planning your 2017 Holiday

It really is never too early to start planning. Even if you don’t decide to book anything just yet, you can start thinking about your holiday as soon as possible – it’s rather exciting to do it this way too! Here is a step-by-step guide to help you plan the perfect 2017 trip:

  • Make a list of destinations. This should be made up of the places you most want to visit in 2017.
  • Check the travel prices. Keep these saved in a document so that it is easy to amend it and make sure it is up to date.
  • See how much holiday you can take from work. Some trips will need more time, especially if there are multiple flights that you will need to take.
  • Once you have picked a destination based on travel requirements, research it thoroughly. How easy is it to get around? Will you be staying in a hotel that is close to all the sites? What do you want to do when you are there? Again, it might be worth making a list to decide on your itinerary.

Checking what’s included in holiday prices

We all love a good holiday but it can be a huge expense that many of us have to save up for or spread out over months. When looking for a holiday deal it can be easy to be tempted by very low price holidays but are you really getting a good deal?

After researching many low cost holidays, it seems that many of them are cutting corners in order to keep the costs down but this can mean that the buyer ends up with a less than adequate holiday or having to fork out for more than they planned later on down the line. Often if flights are very cheap it is because they include very little or no luggage allowance. Going on holiday for a week or two with little or no luggage is virtually impossible and with luggage allowance costing upwards of £30-£50 it can very quickly bump the price up.

Before booking a low cost holiday be sure to read through all the small print and find out what exactly what is included in the price, check for luggage allowance, transfer and any meals / drinks as you may find that none of this is included and by the time you have added that all on the holiday will actually cost you more in the long run.

Holidays for 2017

If you are looking to book your holiday for 2017, then you may be able to get a deal by doing it now. With holidays you often get a discount by booking far in advance or by booking last minute. Although you may save more by travelling last minute it can be quite stressful and you will need to be very organised.

There are many advantages for booking a holiday early, and often you will be able to pay by instalments, spreading the cost of the trip. It also allows you time to sort out passports, time off work and someone to look after your pets.

By booking in advance you may worry about the risk of the company going out of business during this time. You need to ensure that your holiday is ATOL protected and ideally pay on credit card which often offers you more protection than paying with debit card or bank transfer.

Beaches in Cornwall

Cornwall is one of England’s beauty spots and is a very popular destination for tourist’s year upon year. One of the things that attracts many tourists to Cornwall is the golden sandy award winning beaches. The beaches are always clean, the sand is gold and the sea is often a clear blue. If you are in to surfing, you may find some of the best surfing conditions in England are found in Cornwall.

Cornwall is a popular area that offers a wide range of activities for all the family. Apart from the beaches, there is a fantastic night life, boat trips, wildlife parks and theme parks, there really is something for everyone to enjoy.

Newquay is a beautiful costal town within Newquay and is host to the Board Masters competition every year. Even if you do not surf, this is a great time of year to go and provides fantastic entertainment.


A holiday in St Ives

St Ives is a seaside town in Cornwall. It is a popular destination for tourists and is said to have a Mediterranean feel, with holiday makers likening it to holidays abroad.

Historically St Ives thrived on its fishing industry, but as this declines it area was more popular for its holiday resorts and fantastic beaches.

Driving through St Ives is restricted for much of the summer months meaning you can only enter at certain times. The streets are very narrow and parking is limited but you can chose to jump abroad the park and ride where you can park your car all day for £10.50 for a car of up to 4 people.

Being located in the south east of England, the weather is often quite nice compared to the rest of the UK as St Ives is closer to the equator but having said that it is still in Britain so there really is no guarantee with the weather.