A caravan by the sea

Caravan holidays can be a lot of fun and are often cheaper than staying in a hotel. A caravan can be a home away from home and allow you to settle in more than you may do in a bed and breakfast or hotel as you will have many of your home comforts around you.

If you are holidaying with small children, a caravan holiday is a great option allowing you to have access to microwaves, separate rooms for a child to sleep in and an area for them to play with their toys. It will allow you to put a child to bed and still enjoy the main living space that you would not get in a hotel.

If you are thinking of holidaying with another family, why not try and get two adjacent caravans meaning that once the children are in bed, the adults can sit out side and enjoy a BBQ and glass of wine without disturbing everyone else.

Caravan holidays used to have a bit of a bad rep at times, but this is long gone and if you want something a little more luxurious then there are many on offer that are state of the art.


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