Best Places in Portugal For Golfing Holidays

Portugal happens to be one of the world destinations where golfers can have a great experience. This is because it features top ranking golf courses where a great number of people flock every season. In addition, this country provides the best environment which is important for any person regardless the origin.

It will be best if you went along with your family to Portugal for a golfing holiday. This is because there is a great deal of things your children and wife can engage in while you participate in golfing tournaments. You can as well schedule a golfing competition between you and your family members.

So, which are the best places to spend golfing holidays in Portugal?

The Algarve
If you are the kind of person who likes golfing surrounded by beach environment, then you can visit The Algarve. You will definitely like the environment in this region. The good thing is that once you are done golfing, you can still indulge in fun activities along the beaches in this region. This is actually the reason why golfing holidays in this place have gained sturdy grounds in the recent past.

One of the best golf courses in The Algarve is Monte Rei. The golf course happens to be one of the latest and one that has good looking terrain and great environment.

In addition, Vila Sol Spa and Golf Resort is yet another spot where you can spend golfing holidays in Portugal. It is a great place to relax after a long day of golfing.

Lisbon                                                                                                                                 This is yet another option of a destination for golfing holidays in Portugal. One good thing about this place is that it is very close to the capital. This means that you can do other things in the city as you spend your golfing holiday. In addition, Lisbon features some attractive golf courses and hotels where you can have a great time with your family.

One of the leading golf course hotels in Lisbon is CampoReal. It is from this hotel that you will enjoy watching spectacular terrain while participating in golfing tournaments with your family or friends. The place is actually more than a golf site since it has a lot of adventure features.

Not to mention, this course hotel provides the best accommodation and meals. You will therefore not require moving in and out of the hotel to get personal effects and satisfaction.

Golf holidays in Madeira are just impeccable. Madeira is located in the western part of Portugal and features some of the best and more so outstanding golf courses and hotels. Actually, the place happens to be one of the most visited especially for those intending to spend golf holidays in Portugal.

There are two major courses in Madeira where you can you can engage in golfing. One of them is Palheiro Golfe which is located in the southern coast of Portugal. The other great golf course is Santoro De Terra which is located along the mountains of Madeira. In addition, Madeira features Casa Velha Do Palheiro, which is a course hotel and a best place to relax after golfing.

Five Reasons to go to Kenya for Your Next Holiday

Are you looking for a destination for your next holiday? Below are five reasons why you should chose a Kenya safari for your next get away:

Excellent Wildlife

Renowned for its prolific wildlife populations, Kenya is a great destination for animal lovers. Big cats roam as well as other predators such as hyena and jackal. Plains game populations are prolific and there are lots of birds. You’ll find both large mammals including hippo and elephant as well as smaller ones like warthog.

Family Friendly

Kenya is an excellent country for families. Many camps and lodges are family orientated and have specially trained staff as well as lots of activities geared towards children. Things like bug safaris, star gazing and learning how to be a safari ranger! Of course, children of all ages will love to see Kenya’s wildlife in its natural habitat too.

Interesting Culture

Many camps and lodges that we use have a strong relationship with local communities meaning guests can enjoy genuine and authentic cultural experiences. Perhaps you’d like to go out to a nearby village or visit a primary school? Some lodges even offer bush skills experiences where adults and children can explore the bush with Maasai warriors who show them all the secrets of survival in the bush including animal tracking, starting fires and even spear throwing.

The Great Migration

If you’re looking into a safari, chances are that you’ve already heard a little about the Great Migration. Between mid-June and late October, two million wildebeest, antelope and zebra are in the Masai Mara. This is an incredible natural phenomenon – a truly immense sight and an unforgettable experience. The grazing herds attract predators so you’ll be able to see big cats and hyenas too. The wildebeest will need to cross the Mara River, which means getting past the hungry crocodiles that lurk beneath the river’s murky waters. The migration isn’t just about grazing wildebeest, there’s lots of action too!

Conservation in Action

Visitors to the Ol Pejeta Conservancy are able to see conservation in action. The conservancy is involved with monitoring several species and you can get involved with this too. You’ll be able to enjoy the traditional safari activities such as game drives and bush walks, as well more unusual activities like tracking radio collared lion and visiting the endangered species boma, home to rhino species. Visitors can also spend time at the Sweetwaters Chimpanzee Sanctuary, the only place to see chimps in Kenya. You’ll combine a superb safari experience, with a real insight into working conservation.

Water Jet Packs While on Holiday

One type of water sports that you can now do is water jet packing. This works the same way that any jet pack, except that it doesn’t rely upon the gas reserves which are part of a typical jet pack, and is instead connected to a boat’s motor through two heavy duty water hoses, which project the water through two output points on the water jet pack. This enables you to float well above the water, with a high level of manoeuvrability. This sets itself apart from any other water sports, and while relatively new, is developing a bit of a dedicated fan base. The jet pack, while typically working with two output points on your back, just like the atypical jet pack, more recent models have the two output points placed on your feet, so that you can fly, reminiscent of Iron man.

Beach Water Sports for Fantastic Holiday Memories

ed water sports are the must see activities on the beach. Occasionally snorkeling and scuba diving just doesn’t cut it, and most beaches will have a team with boats and equipment waiting to make your holiday a bit more memorable.

Spanish and Greek islands provide plenty of activities. Pretty Places recommends Corfu, on Agios Georgios beach, where there is a team of different nationalities providing activities out in the sea. There are boat trips for those who fancy a relaxing activity, yet not too relaxing, because they are extremely fast. There’s flying fish, which is where a boat works with the wind to make the dingy, if you can call it that, to float in the air (like a flying fish). However the wind must be very strong on the day and it must be heading in a suitable direction.

With flying fish it is also important to note that the weight on each side is even, else it just won’t work. Other options include, jet skis, ringos, and para sailing, which sees you lift up into the air for superb views. There really are activities on beaches for all types of individuals, so to make sure you come home with fantastic memories, get involves, and don’t just be the one who watches.

Why Tailormade?

If you’ve begun to think about going on safari in Africa, it’s more than likely that you’ve found yourself swimming in a deep sea of seemingly never ending information and options – different wildlife, different scenery, different climates, not to mention different logistics. Africa is a vast continent and there are many, many possible options. So why should you pick a tailormade safari over everything else?

With so many areas, camps and lodges to choose from, planning a safari holiday in Africa can be fairly daunting. You’ll most likely need to see advice and the best way to do that is to speak to an Africa expert who can create your holiday for you. As with everything, different people want different things out of their holiday. Some people travelling to Africa might have a special interest in seeing wild dog or others might need somewhere to stay that’s suitable for their young family. An Africa expert will know exactly where you should go, at what time as well as how to get there, no matter what your particular needs and desires are. They can create a holiday that’s unique and suits you. If at first you’re not entirely happy with your proposed holiday you can continue to make changes with your expert until you are. Having a tailormade itinerary for your holiday means you’ll not only have a safari that’s entirely original and that suits you perfectly, but you’re also able to make the very most of your time in Africa by doing exactly what you want to do, when and how you’d like to do it.