Booking a Hotel or Renting a Villa

The question of villa vs a hotel is bound to pop up for many during the summer, and prettyplaces are here to offer you some pros and cons.

With Hotels, you do tend to be well looked after, there’s the option of all inclusive; there’s access to a wide range of facilities, which can be quite limited with a Villa. For big families who want to be close and spend a lot of time together Villas are probably more suitable, mainly because you can be together, and with hotels there’s a chance your rooms will be in completely different blocks or buildings.

With villas you don’t always have to share a pool, which can create for a much more comfortable atmosphere, surrounded by people you know and trust.

As mentioned, hotels can take care of their visitors, and there is always advice from receptionists, which is something you may miss in a Villa. If you are going away with friends or a partner, a hotel may be a lot more suited. This is mainly because there will not be too much to think about, for example, with friends, are you all willing to cook, and provide your own meals constantly? The likelihood is no. Plus hotels usually offer a range of trips and activities to take advantage of, rather than having to find ways of keeping busy yourself.

Really the choice comes down to each individual, but generally villas are better suited for large families while hotels are ideal for smaller groups or partners.


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