Choosing a Greek Holiday next summer

Greece may be a country which is in a devastating recession, but that doesn’t not mean it isn’t beautiful, and it’s still the same place British people have been visiting for years.

A Greek holiday can mean you get hot weather, golden beaches, great tasting food, culture, activities, and clubs – the lot.

However it’s not just Greece itself which can provide you with exceptional holiday quality, there are plenty of luxurious islands, including Kos, Rhodes, Zante, Crete and Corfu. The latter (Corfu) is an extremely popular Greek island, and it’s one of the hottest. You can expect temperature to float around around 35-40 degrees in the peek months of July and August.

Greek people can be some of the friendliest, and you’re bound to be given a warm welcome. So if you’re yet to take in what Greece has to offer, do it now, plus the recession means some of the prices are at very good prices.

Three Great Camps for an Elephant Experience

The mighty African elephant is one of the continent’s most fascinating and intriguing creatures. It’s certainly exciting to see them from your vehicle as they forage together, interact with one another and splash about in water. Some camps and lodges in Africa have dedicated elephant experiences that allow you get even closer to these special creatures. Below are three of our favourite camps that offer excellent elephant activities:

Baines Camp, Botswana

Baines Camp, situated in the Okavango Delta, is close to the Living With Elephants project, run by expert Doug Groves. For over 20 years Doug and his team have raised and rehabilitated three orphaned elephants: Jabulani, Thembi and Morula. The trio are now habituated to the presence of humans and so on a Botswana safari to Baines Camp, guests can spend some time with them. Doug will guide you as you as you take a walk with the three elephants. You’ll be able to touch and stroke them, getting closer than ever to these creatures. You’ll spend time watching as they tear branches for a quick snack and listen to their unique communication sounds. The experience ends with a delicious bush lunch with your new found elephant friends.

Camp Jabulani, South Africa

One of South Africa’s most luxurious lodges, Camp Jabulani, offers a superb elephant back safari experience. The lodge is home to twelve elephants ranging from 11 to 26 years old. Each was orphaned as a baby and, over the years, has eventually become accustomed to human contact. The carers know all the elephants very well and will be able to explain their characters and temperaments to you when you arrive. This is one of the only places where you can enjoy not only day time elephant back safaris, but also night time ones too. When you’re not watching wildlife from the backs of these extraordinary creatures, you’ll be able to participate in their feeding time and watch them as they swim and frolic in the lodge’s lake.

Abu Camp, Botswana

Abu Camp, again in Botswana’s Okavango Delta, has its own resident herd of elephants. During your stay at Abu Camp you’ll be able to completely immerse yourself in the lives of the herd. Shortly after arrival guests are introduced to the members of the herd and by the time you leave you’ll feel a strong emotional connection to the elephants. There’s a variety of activities on offer, meaning you can be as involved with the herd as you wish. You’ll be able to explore the delta on elephant back, go for walks with them, physically interact with them and join in with their daily activities and veterinary care. Local researchers are on hand to discuss conservation and care with you too, leaving you with both an unforgettable experience and a brand new insight into elephant life.

Balaia Holiday Villa Experiences

Keen golfers who are looking for their next holiday adventure should consider booking a villa holiday in Portugal if they want to have the best experience the sport in stunning, sun-drenched environment. And the Algarve region in Portugal is the best place to visit for those who want a wide choice of courses.

There are over 30 dotted along the stretch of the nation’s coastline, with something for every person no matter what his or her golfing ability. If you want the greatest number of various golf courses to try out, then looking for villa rentals like Balaia holiday villa is your best bet.

But for those people who are after a bit of history to mix in with their exploits on the golf course then going to the west of the Algarve is an excellent treat. This region of Portugal is home to the area’s first golfing green at the Penina golf course. This haven for golfers was designed and built by Henry Cotton back in the 1960s, and it was the first grass course in the Algarve.

Henry Cotton went on to design 2 further golf courses, although the 18-hole Penina range is great for serious golfing fans. Even though the green is usually flat, Henry included various water hazards to increase the difficulty level on what is usually described as a “challenging” course.

Courses like Balaia in central Algarve are excellent for those who are just starting out. Featuring just 9 holes it is an excellent place for a starter to get to grips with his game, while an experienced golfer will still find the course quite challenging to be enjoyable.

Another major attraction of Balaia for those who are staying in Balaia holiday villa in Portugal are the views offered by some of its greens, which are looking out over the clear blue seas of the Algarve. Balaia holiday villa offers self-contained villas that are set within landscaped gardens with outdoor pools. They feature tennis courts and offers access to nearby golf-courses.

The villas are decorated with contemporary furnishings and feature living rooms with a flat-screen cable TVs and fully equipped kitchens. Visitors can cook their own food or enjoy the traditional cuisine from the Algarve region in the restaurants that are within the resort. Visitors can also enjoy activities like biking and hiking through the natural surroundings or even a game of tennis in one of the many tennis courts.

While playing golf is all well and good, a person will no doubt want to tear himself away from the greens for at least one day just to explore some of the sights that the region of Portugal is offering.

Historic cities can be found all along the coastline, that boast of medieval castles and striking churches and cathedrals that visitors can explore at their leisure. Alternatively, one might want to keep active and try out some water sports in the area. From water skiing to surfing, you will find it all near the Balaia holiday villa.

Driving in Holland

Taking a Ferry over to Holland can provide a great weekend away, after all from the Hook of Holland it doesn’t take too long to get to Amsterdam.

However, once the ferry bridge drops the bridge to let your car off, it’s important to be prepared. Obviously the first thing is to remember the cars drive on the right hand side of the road, but that’s really a given, plus there are endless signs to remind you.

Remember that their speed cameras do not always stand out like the British yellow ones. Most are grey in colour and there aren’t always warning signs. In Holland, bikes are important. They actually have right of way, so make sure you keep this in mind, especially in Amsterdam.

Make sure you have GB sticker on your vehicle, it’s compulsory; think of it as your cars passport. Now speed limits, Motorways have a limit of 120 kph (72 mph), while driving in towns is restricted to 50 kph (30 mph like UK). Some major roads have a speed limit of 80 kph (48 mph), so make sure you keep a close watch on your Speedometer, and it’s probably just as important to not look at the mph section.