The best beaches the UK has to offer

The UK coastline is one that is popular throughout the summer months for its sandy beaches and great waves popular with the surfing community.

Here are my top two UK beaches for this year’s summers-day trip to the seaside:-

Cornwall – Watergate bay – this stunning golden sand beach is 2 miles long and along the beach there are numerous caves and rock pools to discover, making it great fun if you have young children to entertain. Its home to Jamie Oliver’s famous restaurant Fifteen where you can have a stunning meal and look out across the bay watching the sun set over the sea.

Isles of Scilly – Pentle bay – The Isles of Scilly certainly do not disappoint where beaches are concerned, the beautiful Pentle bay boasts bleached white sands and an emerald coloured ocean. This picturesque beauty spot is perfect for whiling away the hours sunbathing and going for a dip in the sea (even if it does tend to be a little chilly in the water around there!)