Holiday prices

With the UK voting to leave the European Union, there is a lot of talk about a rise in prices for holidays to Europe for us Brits. At present no one knows exactly how the leave vote will affect finances but if holiday prices do go up, I personally do not think it will go up enough to stop people being able to go away. If prices do soar, it will mean that more of us will have to holiday within Britain which will bring more money in to the UK rather than us spending it in the EU.

If you have a holiday booked, then check to see if your price is fixed at the amount you bought it at or if it can go up over time until it is paid off. Always make sure that you do not scrimp on things such as travel insurance as you could find yourself in a very difficult situation should you require emergency medical care.

Last minute holiday planning

If you are looking to go on a last minute holiday or maybe you haven’t considered it up until the moment you saw it advertised in the shop window, then there is still a certain amount of planning you will need to do.

Firstly ensure that everyone that wants to travel has a valid passport as this can delay you being able to fly. Also find out what immunisations you will require and at what stages. Many immunisation courses have to start 6 weeks prior to flying.

Make plans to have time off work, places for your pets to stay whilst away and ensuring that your home will be secure when left empty. All of these items are essential to ensuring you have a relaxing and stress free holiday.

Spend some time researching the area you are going to, find local attractions, restaurants and bars that you may wish to visit when you are there and be sure to check up on any laws that may affect you when in another country.


Holidays in the snow

For many people, an ideal holiday involves lazing by the pool or on the beach lapping up the sun. This can be a great way to recharge your batteries and get away from the day to day tolls of life but have you ever considered a snow holiday?

Snow holidays can include skiing and snowboarding trips but do not have to. If skiing or snowboarding is not your thing then why not book a snow holiday where you explore the great outdoors in a different way.

Lapland offer a great husky ride experience or a stay in the Ice Hotel that is said never to disappoint. It can be as relaxing as a sun bathing holiday but with sights you have never experienced before. You may even be lucky enough to see the northern lights and then relax in an outdoor hotel tub feeling incredibly warm in freezing surroundings.


Holiday stay with a difference

If you are looking for a holiday in the UK with a difference then why not try a try to Ryton. Ryton is a beautiful village and civil parish in Shropshire. If you want a family holiday like no other then why not visit Pigeon Door, a beautiful smallholding 5 miles from Shrewsbury. Here you will find two buses that have been converted in to holiday homes. They offer luxury accommodation in a setting you are unlikely to have ever stayed in. The buses even have an outdoor hot tub to allow you to really relax and take in the picturesque surroundings.

Betsy Bus have 3 bedrooms and can sleep up to 5 people whilst Billie bus has 3 bedrooms and can sleep 6 plus a travel cot. Prices start from around £110 per night and dogs are welcome at no extra charge. They even allow horses for an additional ten pounds per night.

Split the cost for a better holiday

If you don’t mind holidaying with friends or family then you could upgrade your accommodation and actually save yourself money. Some luxury accommodation such as private villas or lodges can accommodate more than one family and usually the price is based on the villa / lodge rather than on a per person basis.

You can often get a beautiful holiday home in the UK for less than £1000 for a week. This can be quite a substantial amount for a couple or family with young children, but split the cost two or three ways and very quickly it becomes affordable.

This type of holiday is not for everyone as you may be spending a lot of time with the friends and family you went away with leaving you very little time to spend on your own as a couple, but many people take advantage of this and choose to babysit for each other to allow everyone their own time.