Checking what’s included in holiday prices

We all love a good holiday but it can be a huge expense that many of us have to save up for or spread out over months. When looking for a holiday deal it can be easy to be tempted by very low price holidays but are you really getting a good deal?

After researching many low cost holidays, it seems that many of them are cutting corners in order to keep the costs down but this can mean that the buyer ends up with a less than adequate holiday or having to fork out for more than they planned later on down the line. Often if flights are very cheap it is because they include very little or no luggage allowance. Going on holiday for a week or two with little or no luggage is virtually impossible and with luggage allowance costing upwards of £30-£50 it can very quickly bump the price up.

Before booking a low cost holiday be sure to read through all the small print and find out what exactly what is included in the price, check for luggage allowance, transfer and any meals / drinks as you may find that none of this is included and by the time you have added that all on the holiday will actually cost you more in the long run.