Self catering or all inclusive holidays?

When you are looking to book a holiday, you may have the option as to whether to go self catering or all inclusive. Self catering includes usually your accommodation but no food or drink whereas All inclusive is a set price which includes all your meals, certain snacks and usually unlimited drink (this is sometimes limited to local brands of wine and spirits).

There are pros and cons to either, depending on what sort of holiday you are looking for. Self catering gives you the flexibility to eat and drink where you like. You are not stuck to specific meal times and can venture away from the complex to eat should you wish to do so. Many people find that they spend a lot of money though on food and drink, so it does mean you will need to be able to budget properly to allow you to have enough to see you through the holiday. All inclusive is of course more expensive, but you do then get the peace of mind in knowing that you will not have to fork out extra for meals and drinks. You should bear in mind though that you have paid to eat at the hotel as part of the price so if the food is not very good or you fancy a change of scene you will have to pay to go elsewhere.