Staying in the Pyrenees – a Breath of Fresh Air

The Pyrenees mountain range lies between Spain and France, across the Iberian peninsula. They are a very picturesque mountain range and are a hotspot for tourists, especially during the ski season around Andorra. Staying in the Pyrenees will help give you a breath of fresh air, a better quality of air and the freedom to be in a beautiful, natural environment.

The skiing in this region during the winter months is known throughout the world, so this is one of the main reasons why people go here. If you want to learn to ski, this is a good place to do so and to get some skiing lessons.

It is also a great place to go in summer, to enjoy the heat and the beautiful views. There are many larger towns, as well as small villages and scenic spots, where you can enjoy your surroundings. You can hike, relax and swim and have a great holiday in nature.