Travelling in the UK – Beautiful and Value for Money

When you live in the UK, it often won’t be your first choice of holiday destination. It really should be up there as one of your top considerations. It’s cheaper than going abroad, there are some beautiful destinations and the UK is full of places to explore. What’s more, if you have pets, it’s a great idea to be able to go on holiday with them. A run down a stunning Cornish beach with your dog sounds pretty idyllic, doesn’t it?

Think about some destinations in the UK that might appeal to you depending on the kinds of holidays you like. If cities are your thing, maybe consider London, Cardiff or Edinburgh. For the beautiful countryside, you have plenty of choices. Think about the Cotswolds or perhaps the Brecon Beacons. Enjoy some gorgeous walks along the beach in places like Dorset or Cornwall – and you may even get some nice weather down south.


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