Driving in Holland

Taking a Ferry over to Holland can provide a great weekend away, after all from the Hook of Holland it doesn’t take too long to get to Amsterdam.

However, once the ferry bridge drops the bridge to let your car off, it’s important to be prepared. Obviously the first thing is to remember the cars drive on the right hand side of the road, but that’s really a given, plus there are endless signs to remind you.

Remember that their speed cameras do not always stand out like the British yellow ones. Most are grey in colour and there aren’t always warning signs. In Holland, bikes are important. They actually have right of way, so make sure you keep this in mind, especially in Amsterdam.

Make sure you have GB sticker on your vehicle, it’s compulsory; think of it as your cars passport. Now speed limits, Motorways have a limit of 120 kph (72 mph), while driving in towns is restricted to 50 kph (30 mph like UK). Some major roads have a speed limit of 80 kph (48 mph), so make sure you keep a close watch on your Speedometer, and it’s probably just as important to not look at the mph section.


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