Choosing a Greek Holiday next summer

Greece may be a country which is in a devastating recession, but that doesn’t not mean it isn’t beautiful, and it’s still the same place British people have been visiting for years.

A Greek holiday can mean you get hot weather, golden beaches, great tasting food, culture, activities, and clubs – the lot.

However it’s not just Greece itself which can provide you with exceptional holiday quality, there are plenty of luxurious islands, including Kos, Rhodes, Zante, Crete and Corfu. The latter (Corfu) is an extremely popular Greek island, and it’s one of the hottest. You can expect temperature to float around around 35-40 degrees in the peek months of July and August.

Greek people can be some of the friendliest, and you’re bound to be given a warm welcome. So if you’re yet to take in what Greece has to offer, do it now, plus the recession means some of the prices are at very good prices.


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